Year in Review

Wow – before I sat down and really thought about it, I failed to realize just how much I actually did in 2012!

Get ready – this is a lengthy one! With lots of pics!

This was my first full year as a Fitness Pro that I haven’t had a baby or been pregnant in! My kids are so young that an entire year at this age is SO significant and it was an important year for me to get back into coaching gymnastics and find away to balance it with family, business, and competing.

And a year with two trips to Vegas? Always a win. Always.

January brought me a FOUR year old in the house! My January baby gets sweeter and more grown up by the day!


Another early 2012 highlight? Turning 30 in February and spending it in Vegas with a few of my favorite girls!


That was my final ‘hurrah’ before Contest prep began for my very first Pro Show – The Toronto Pro Supershow! This was also my first time dieting down for a show as a mom of two! I wasn’t so much worried about the physicality of it – I believe in the bodies resiliency, I was more focused on how I make everything work! My boys are busy! I also had big plans business wise beginning in April. But, like anything, you go for it – and figure it out as you’re moving along!


I finished my mat leave by competing in Vancouver at the Masters Gymnastics Meet. As a 30-year old gymnast I competed on all 4 Women’s events and won Beam and Floor!


In April, I launched the first round of my 12-Week Wellness program! I’d been working my entire mat leave on a program that would enforce DAILY action with goal-setting and accountability that people could do entirely online. It was a huge project and it is what I felt like was my ‘calling’. I’d grown tired of seeing people look for ‘quick diet fixes’. I wanted to help people change what they do daily. I’m big on putting energy into the process, not being fixated on an outcome. I figure I’ve learned a thing or two about the concept of ‘Total Transformation’ in my experiences! And I’m still a continuous work in progress, just like everybody else. I’m just more dramatic and public with it! 🙂


My baby Derek also turned one in April!

Birthday cake

April also marked my first shoot following the birth of Derek! I had the opportunity to shoot with LA-based Alex Ardenti here in Calgary. If you know the photography work behind famous campaigns such as P90X, you may already be familiar with his work! It was a goal of mine to only work with top-shelf photographers this year and although it was a major investment on my part, I had some great experiences and got some top-quality shots. Starting with Alex!


I’ve also been more selective about what shots I have released publicly. I’m not a ‘fitness model’, my major goals have nothing to do with modelling, so I’m a believer that a great shot is to be seen, especially when my ‘business’ is one about the process of transformation and enjoying your body along the way. That said, there are many shots that are out there, and many that are waiting for a good time and place!

In May, I shot with my good friend and supporter from day 1 when I began competing in 2002 – David Ford with the help of Fitness Supermodel Annette Milbers, we got some great shots for a range of projects! I have always enjoyed my shots by David and use them widely throughout my site and promos. The best part? He’s local, but he’s BUSY! So if you get a chance – book with him!


Then comes June! The Toronto Pro Supershow! My very first Pro Show! The experience was amazing. I met so many good people and made a lot of connections in this ‘New World’ and even though I placed LAST I wouldn’t for a second consider the experience as anything but a success. Nowhere to go but up placing wise anyhow!

I was very happy with my progress with my coach of 4 years Jamie Postill. This was the first show I had done as a mom of two and it was so rewarding to see the results of a balanced and well-programmed plan.


It was nice to begin the journey as an IFBB Fitness Pro at this show as it was a full Expo where I got to meet BIG names in the Fitness world plus I got to share the experience with other Canadian IFBB Pros!


That’s 2x Mr. Olympia himself PHIL HEATH and another pic with Alberta’s first Figure Pro Debbie Barrable who was 3rd in the Pro Physique division in Toronto – AFTER having twins!

After a show is always tough for me. I have a pattern of getting kind of lost and it’s actually the perfect time for me to really make changes and set myself up for improvements. In July, I connected with coach Erik Ledin of Lean Bodies Consulting if you haven’t heard me gush about Erik, he is a coach who knows his stuff, doesn’t compromise health, and doesn’t sugar coat anything! It was appropriate for where I was at mentally and physically and I looked forward to the new journey!

The first session of my 12-Week Wellness ended at the beginning of July as well – and although it wasn’t a ‘weight-loss’ program, the principles of goal setting, daily action and accountability made for some pretty outstanding transformations for those who sought them out!


In July I did a photo shoot that reflected an objective I had for 2012 – I shot ‘undieted’. At the peak of my off-season when I was NOT in a lean out phase. I booked this purposefully because as someone who has competed for over 10 years now and has always struggled with ‘hiding out’ in the off-season and only liking the way I looked close to competition – I wanted to stop enabling these patterns.

So I shot with Pink Elephant Photography. At over 160 lbs! And I love the photos! I’m not in ‘bad’ shape by any means, but certainly not in my competitive shape. May not seem like that much of a big deal but it was to me!


And then it was VACATION TIME! July took us on a Family getaway to the Mayan Riviera in Mexico. It was an amazing time and even though 2 young boys can take away from the ‘relaxing’ element of most vacations, it was a much-needed break!


August was back to business! My body had recovered and it was time to get ready for the final show of my season Fort Lauderdale in October!

September was back to routine. My oldest back to playschool for the final time (Kindergarten next year!), skating, hockey, and gymnastics and my youngest starting in gymnastics and me back coaching a pre-competitive gymnastics group of 6 and 7 year olds. Busy is good – when you are on top of it!


September also marked my first trip to the Olympia! I went down with two good girlfriends and we had a blast at the Expo and the shows!


I stayed true to my diet despite Vegas temptations and took advantage of the location and event to connect with George Kontaxis Photography to shoot in Red Rock Canyon


And another shoot with the wonderfully talented Sarah Lyons of PictureGroove!


And another first in October for me – my first US Pro Show! The Fort Lauderdale Cup! I was stoked to see the line-up for Fitness. I remember checking online and seeing the names of Fitness icons like Oksana Grishina, Bethany Cisternino, and Regiane DaSilva and thinking ‘WOW!’ When it comes to my goals and what I love and love to do – something like this defined ‘Livin’ the dream’ for me!

The first day of the trip was not spent competing, but was spent shooting with ‘Big Time’ photographers who I was lucky to have access to in one place at one time. Photos are coming soon from those shoots but check out the work and links of Isaac Hinds (you can find his work almost EVERYWHERE! But my favorite site to stay updated is definitely Rob Rosetti of and JM Manion who is everywhere as well and

It was a beautiful day in Florida and I was glammed up, prepping food in my room like a true competitor!


The next day was the show. I had my hair and make-up done at 4am by Bikini Pro Jennifer and was ready for pre-judging. Here’s a progress pic with the finished product in my beautiful competition suit!

LBC Progress3

The show was well ran and I met great people backstage – one of my favorite parts about competing. My improvements are coming along but I still have a long way to go which is motivating and gives me direction.


With a 12th place finish and the season over for the year, it was nice to enjoy Fort Lauderdale for a couple of days afterwards! I even got some fun shots with Dan Ray a couple of days after the show!


Halloween was next! I love Halloween, I love dressing up – and of course I love how cute my kids are! They were Transformers for a school party and then Ironman and a shark for trick or treating.


In December, I did something I have NEVER done before – I ran 5K! I participated in the Santa Shuffle and actually ran the distance in a less than stellar 35 minutes.


And finally, the holiday season! Lot’s of time with my boys:


And of course Christmas! My boys are happy and spoiled – as usual!


And that’s my story (or some of it at least!) of 2012! Thank-you to everyone who has been a part of my year, it’s been eventful and rewarding! I’m already enjoying all that’s happening going into 2013. My boys will be 5 and 2 this year, no longer babies! I am looking forward to 2013 as a Precision Pro Sponsored athlete with Precision Supplements! I am looking forward to at least one competition in Toronto and other photo shoots and opportunities. I am looking forward to growing my classes and programs and even working with a few Future Fitness stars!

I’m lucky to get to do what I do, my mind is open and receptive to so much more. Thank-you for everything in 2012 and I’m excited for what 2013 has in store!


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